These are the words that I use to define every piece that I create. I’ve spent too long trying to find clothes that I felt met all of those things and had great design. Throw in the fact that any clothes I really do love tend to only show incredibly beautiful long-legged models wearing the clothes. I’m just over here wondering, well what does that look like on someone closer to my size (for reference I'm 5'3" and a very curvy size 4/6) I think it’s about time that we see a better representation of body types in fashion. So that’s what I’m going to do.
I’m after the idea that clothes can be made to be chic, comfortable, wearable and can be thrown in a suitcase at a moments notice and not require dry cleaning, steaming or special treatment to be able to wear them again. Seems like a tall order right? Well, it shouldn’t be.
After spending a lot of time thinking about what this brand would be, and what it would represent, I think I have finally landed on it. Clothes should make you feel confident, strong and make your ass look good, no matter your body type.
I launched Sloan Symington in September 2020, and am sharing all of the big and in between moments of starting your own business. Follow along on Instagram @by.sloan